Past Projects

Weedeater Engine Conversions for RC Airplanes
click here for video clips of the engine

This is something I like to do with weedeater engines. I basically take the engine off the weedeater and cut and machine off everything I don't need, then I machine some new parts like the propellor hub and engine mounts, and velocity stack for the carb. There's really not much to doing this but it sure is fun, especially when you get it on the test stand and run it for the first time. Check out the videos on the page linked above.

This is a Homelite 25cc engine I converted back in the summer and then sold on ebay.

Basically you take apart the weedeater, then pull the flywheel off and machine it down to drop some weight, then you machine a prop hub for it and then I also made a velocity stack to go on the carb. It basically helps it take in more air when it's behind the prop. I also machined aluminum stand-off mounts and trimmed down the plastic backplate on the engine.

these are some of the small parts I machined for the engine. To the far left is the velocity stack which is made in two pieces so it can rotate. The other parts are the stand-off mounts for mounting the engine to the firewall. There were actually four of the mounts.