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I have decided to remove paypal buttons from the website. I prefer orders to be mailed in but will still accept Paypal, but customers must contact me to order.  To place an order please email me 

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If you've been having trouble emailing me please make sure you're using the support at blowyourbrassoff email address.
Due to the nature of the instrument and health concerns, and because all items, harmonicas, combs, and neck racks, are made for each order I do not give refunds or do cancellations. The cost of materials and shipping for each order makes this impossible as there isn't that much markup on orders. If you do not agree with this, then please don't order. I will work with you if there is a problem with your order, but I do not do refunds or cancellations. By placing an order you are agreeing to these terms.

Custom Harp  Now Offering Hohner, Seydel, and Suzuki Customs !
Be sure to tell me which harmonica you want, as well as whether or not you want the cover plates opened in the back. Also include a description of your playing style, music, and embouchure used when submitting your order to help me in setting up the reeds on your harp. If a custom harp with an exotic hardwood comb is desired please contact me for price. Examples of Rounded combs and Flush combs

Full overblow/overdraw setup on custom harp  $75.00 additional

Hohner Harmonicas
Comb Material
Comb style

Seydel Harmonicas
Comb Material
Comb style
Suzuki Harmonicas
Comb Material
Comb style

Lee Oskar Harmonicas
Comb Material
Comb style

Filework (additional $30)  Only available on metal combs
Filework Pattern

Example Imges  Vine    Rope    S Pattern    Hourglass

Check out this video review by Ronnie Shellist!

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