Past Projects

LCD Video Projector

This is probably the coolest project I've done to date. I've had more questions about this one project than any other that I've done, and well the finished product is one of the coolest to play around with. I bought an info pack from as well as the lens kit. This project is something that's actually a lot easier than you would think, the most involved part, or at least the most stressful is taking apart the lcd computer monitor, there are a lot of ways to screw it up and I think that was really the biggest hurdle. This is one of those really cool projects that's really in reach for most everyone good with their hands but one that not many people seem to be willing to take on, I'm guessing it's really more of a mental block than anything, because it really wasn't that complicated, as with most of my projects.

Now this is probably the coolest project I've built to date. It's an LCD video projector. It was built by taking an LCD computer monitor that I bought off ebay and stripping it down to get just the LCD panel and driver boards. Then I built the box and added a big honk'n lightbulb.

Here it is during the teardown.

and here it is almost finished

The projector in action!!!!!  This image was about 9 feet wide !