My Shop

As most of you know I recently moved into a new house and it seems like it took forever to get my shop setup. I wanted to post some pictures of the new shop, since after all it's my favorite part of the house. hahahaha
I'd like to post updated pictures but it's so messy these days I'd be embarrassed.

The 4x36 belt sander was a recent addition to the shop. It comes in handy for a lot of things. My intention when I got it was to use it for knifemaking but the 4x36 doesn't really work all that well for it. For one you can't do plunge cuts on it. So after reading Wayne Goddard's book The $50 Knife Workshop I've decided to build my own 1x42 belt sander to start and then a 2x72 in the future.

And here's the other leg of my L shaped bench. Here you can see my Harbor Freight 8x12 metal lathe, my new Harbor Freight mini-mill, the drill press that I converted for milling a couple of years ago, and a bunch of other things. hahaha The mess on the end of the bench is  the cylinder head for my motorcycle.  

I also bought a Harbor Freight metal cutting bandsaw a while back as well. Man I don't know how I ever got by without one. hahaha